A Checkered History: Part 3

The police station was one of the older buildings in town. Attempts to install electrical lighting had been made several times, but the building just wasn’t built to protect wiring during the harsh snowy season. The wood was several different shades, as old planks had been removed and replaced over the years. Drivena stood at a counter, clearly newer than the rest of the building, and Davi handed her a clipboard with a witness reportation form. Drivena had never been on this side of one before. While Davi went to get his boss, she scribbled some nonsense into the boxes and slyly pocketed the pen.

While debating with herself whether she should sneak out now or wait a moment to evade suspicion, she sat at a chair in the back of the room, next to a woman in a wide brimmed hat. The woman’s hat was made of a waxy material, as was her long coat and boots. This was unimportant to Drivena though, as she took notice of the shiny copper and crystal ring that the woman was nervously moving between her fingers. Or maybe excitedly. Using her amazing power of insight regarding people, she was able to deduce that the woman was either excited or nervous. Or maybe bored. Drivena looked in the opposite direction, hoping to avoid causing suspicion, but had the opposite effect, as the woman took notice of her.

“Hello,” she said in a quiet but cheerful manner. “My name is Zambor.”

She put her hand out and Drivena shook it. Now seeing the woman’s face, Drivena recognized her as being from bag, with her pale white complexion and the strands of mycelium sprouting from her face. Some had settled around her eyes, and a particularly thick line of filaments had separated her button like nose from it’s bridge.

“Wow, people in Tajlynd sure shake hands for a long time,” said Zambor. “Yes,” replied Drivena as she tried to work the ring from her finger.

At this moment, Davi exited the office, somewhat dejected looking. Drivena released the still smiling Zambor’s hand and turned to Davi.

“Can I go now?” she asked, looking excitedly at the door.

“Yeah, we don’t need anything more from you.”

Drivena stood up and left for the door, but stopped with a muffled sigh of exasperation as Davi began to ramble, at a clearly elevated volume for her to hear. She turned around, only half listening to his disjointed self reflection on seeing connections where there are none and wasting department resources and whatever other thing had even mildly impacted him that day. She came back to him and lightly tapped him on his head.

“There there,” she said half-heartedly before turning around and leaving again.




Almost as soon as the door had closed behind her drivena felt the cold brass of a barrel pressed against her back.

“We weren’t kidding when we said Jethin would want you dead,” came the voice of Tekol directly behind her.

“I lost it!”

“Then find it.”

“You can’t possibly expect me to somehow find it!”

“I don’t honestly expect you to. But Jethin is,” Tekol took a deep breath before continuing in a clearly rehearsed tone, “a very emotional man. He likes his victims to know why they die, and how they could’ve avoided it.”

“So what happens now?” asked Drivena in the most confident manner she could muster, which was significantly less confident than she thought.

“I’m going to walk you away from here, preferably to some empty road somewhere, and shoot you in the back of the head.”

“Alright. And why would I do that?”

“Because if I don’t kill you, Kajulan will. And she’ll do it, slowly.”

“Is Kajulan here right now?”

“No,” replied Tekol, as his mind began to comprehend the flaw in his logic.

“Then I’m just going to take my chances and wait here. Right outside the police station.”

Tekol stared at her, trying to muster an intimidating grimace but after a few seconds gave up in a huff.

“Damn it!” replied Tekol as he walked off angrily. Drivena leaned up against the wall, arms crossed. She was going to have to stay around the law until Tekol and Kajulan grew bored with the pursuit. This was unlikely to happen soon, though, and she knew it.




Inside the station, the young woman from Bag known as Zambor sat patiently, waiting for Davi to finish his pouting. Over what she did not know, and she had to admit she did not care, for she had little interest in gossip. She was here for one thing. As Davi let out another sigh, she stood up, walked over to him, and began to speak.

“Hello sir. I would like to report a robbery.”

Davi looked up, lacking his usual energy as he did so.

“Where did this happen?”

“In Bag.”

Davi shook himself a little at this.

“That’s a fair way out of my jurisdiction, actually. It’s not even within the Empire. Um, when was this?”

“Around three, three and a half thousand years ago.”

“Three and a half thousand years?! The Council of Spirits had just barely finished our world at that point!”

Davi began to get excited. This was the type of thing he always got in trouble for suggesting.

“Why are you telling me this now? Wait, why are you telling me? Does it have something to do with this town? Is it magical in nature…?”

Davi began to peter out as he remembered a sad truth. This was the type of thing he always got in trouble for suggesting.”

“I’m sorry, but we can’t afford to expend resources on every wild goose chase we’re presented with,” Davi said, practically reciting the words the Chief had spoken to him earlier.

“It’s not a wild goose chase though,” protested Zambor, what was visible of her brow scrunching up. “I’ve been tracking this piece of Bag’s history for over a year! It’s here, in this city!”

Davi frowned slightly.

“Look, I’m already in trouble. The Chief says that I can’t keep bringing her red herrings. If I was able to help you, I would, but. . .” He swept his arm over the cluttered desk they stood at. “I’m on paper duty. I can’t.”

“Alright then,” replied Zambor, although the tone of her voice showed that she clearly was not okay with this development. “In that case, sir, I’m afraid I’ll be inclined to go over your head. Is that what you. . .”

Zambor was cut off by the station’s radio going off.

“Yes, I have a code 0F. There, there’s a body and everything. I need someone to get here right now!”

As soon as the code “0F” had been uttered, Davi bolted to the door. Zambor had no idea what the code meant, but didn’t care as she followed behind him. She still had questions that needed answered, and by the spirits she was going to get her wish!




In one moment Drivena was waiting by the doorway, her mind racing to come up with a solution regarding her gang problem, and the next she was clutching her vibrating nose as Davi flung the door open and ran outside, followed by the woman she had met earlier. She uttered curses under her breath, honestly probably too extravagant for the pain she was in. Drivena would’ve continued in this state for a long while, if not for her spotting through the cracks in her fingers Tekol, watching her from the other side of the road, awkwardly waiting for his chance to strike. She glanced over at the direction Davi had went, and raised her middle finger to Tekol as she began to follow.